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  • Is the Foundation part of the administration or the PTA? No, it is an independent corporation, with a board that has no affiliation to administration or PTA.
  •  What is the main purpose of a Foundation? It is another vehichle for the school to raise money without limitations and regulations.
  • Is the Foundation meant to replace the PTA? No, the PTA does a fantastic job with all of their programs. We encourage you to make the same pledge you normally would and if you can make an additional pledge to the Foundation that would be great.  The Foundation simply gives the school more options and avenues in raising money. 
  • With economic times being so tough right now, how can the Foundation expect a monetary donation? The Foundation does not expect that everyone will be able to make a donation, but hopes that most will make a contribution of any  $$$ amount or donate their time volunteering at an upcoming fundraiser.  Small donations add up! 
  • Will  the Foundation continue now year after year? Yes, the Foundation is here to say and it is our belief that you will start to see them at all schools.
  • What kind of volunteers do you need?  We are always looking for volunteers to head a committeee or be a committee member.  If you are interested in volunteering just click here Foundation Email .
  • Where is the Foundation office.  All of the board members work from their homes, but the Foundation does have a portable it shares with the Business Partner Program in the rear of the building by the basketball court. 
  • Can I make a donation on line with a credit card? Yes, just click here NMS Donation
  • Can I make a donation by setting up automatically monthly withdrawls going directly to the Foundation. Absolutely, any denomination is appreciated.  Email the Foundation if you are interested in setting that up. Foundation Email  

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